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Here you will find information, news and a local business directory which is here to support local businesses and encourage our community to buy and source locally when they can, especially through COVID lockdowns and restrictions. This page is updated often to help support our Buy Local Scone Initiative.

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About Buy Local Scone

The current COVID restrictions and lockdowns heavily favour large corporations. We have already had a number of local small business closures and the future is beginning to look bleak for small businesses all over the country. While large national and multinational supermarkets and businesses achieve record profits, our small and medium sizes businesses are treading water and those that are still in operation are likely starting to eat into their reserves in order to stay afloat.

Unlike city businesses who rely on complex supply chains and who are unlikely to survive the onslaught of relentless lockdowns and trading restrictions, Scone and surrounding areas have a wealth of local suppliers who we believe can service the local district without reliance on the big suppliers. We feel as a Chamber and business community, we need to tap into those suppliers and mount a campaign that explains and educates locals as to why it is imperative to support local businesses and suppliers in preference to the big chains. If local suppliers go under, the community will be at the mercy of the big chains and the supply issues they face. And that is at the heart of our Buy Local Scone initiative.

So will you help us spread the message? 

Local Business Survey

To help with this Buy Local scone initiative, we are hoping to better to identify current businesses operating in the area, as well as specific industry insights, supply chains and challenges.
You can help us by submitting the following survey. The survey will only take about 10mins to complete.
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Local Business Support Forum

The Chamber ran a first of its kind series of online Local Business Support Forums throughout the last week of August. We thank our volunteer facilitators  Amanda Riordan and James Burns for their valuable time.

The number one topic of discussion was most definitely ‘Community’. It is more apparent than ever that while it sounds like a usual catch-cry, in-fact, we are all in this together and it’s our community that is going to get us through this difficult time. There were stories about how supportive the community has been through lock-down, and if it were not for that support “we would not still be here” – more than one business said.

From these Support Forums it has also become apparent that our businesses want and need to continue to connect. The Chamber is now in discussions about how to continue the discussion through frequent forums, online events, and other avenues to keep the discussions going as well as the connections between each other alive.

Express Your Interest to be invited to future forums by emailing

See below news stories on some of our local businesses and what they are up to.

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Hive Fitness – Passionate about Helping People

HIVE FITNESS – PASSIONATE ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE Joseph Adams came up with Hive Fitness when studying health and wellness during his short stint in security. The name Hive was one of the few options he came up with that wasn’t too down your throat or tacky. It’s also the exact name of a movie franchise…

Melanie’s – A Story Of Family

MELANIE’S – A STORY OF FAMILY Thursday, October 8, 2021 Melanie’s Matthews Family Jewellers is a story of family, history and community.   Melanie, owner of Melanie’s Matthews Family Jewellers continues a long-standing tradition first established by her Great Grandmother, Maude, who owned a jewellery store in Murwillumbah in the 1930s and 40s. Her Grandfather, Maude’s son, Norman, continued in the jewellery making industry…

The Hunter Wholefoods – Time to pass the baton

The Hunter Wholefoods – Time to pass the baton  As consumers, we’re a wasteful lot. Consider how many times you’ve bought more than you need, then tossed half of it in your rubbish bin. Now imagine everyone else doing this, in households across Australia. That’s an awful lot of garbage that goes into landfill and,…