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Cloud accounting software for $4.99 per month, Interested?

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Intuit QuickBooks is the latest offering of online cloud accounting software to launch in Australia. Those businesses that are already on online accounting software packages like Xero and Intuit QuickBooks will be the first to sing you its praises about the ease of use and time savings it has generated.  For those of you who are still on a desktop package or excel and haven’t been following what is happening in this space I will quickly go through what online accounting software is and how it can help improve efficiencies in your business.

Online Accounting software is an online software program hosted in the “Cloud”.  The most common cloud programs that most people use and could not live without are programs like online banking, emails and Facebook!  Because QuickBooks is cloud based this means you can use the program on any device that receives internet being your computer, tablet or smartphone.

This has major time saving advantages for clients as they are able to do their accounting anywhere and anytime, not just when they can sit in front of the computer. For example in small businesses it is traditionally the spouse that assists in keeping the books, they could now do this bookkeeping when they drop the kids off at sport or music lessons and have this job done on the fly rather than in the evenings or on the weekend.  It also means invoices can be generated and customised to your business and given to clients in real time.

Another of the major advantages of online software is the ability to get automatic bank feeds. What this means is that the accounting software links to the bank and your transactions are automatically fed into the accounting software saving you the time of having to enter this data. Over time rules can be set up and transactions can be coded automatically.

From your accountants perspective we love these programs as we can assist you in real time with your books as we can log into the system too and help with any issues you are having. This lets us be more proactive with your business and spend more time focusing on your business moving forward and helping set budgets and focus on your goals.

There are many other benefits and I encourage you to look at the QuickBooks website to see what it is all about at

As mentioned at the start of this article Intuit QuickBooks has only just arrived in the Australian market and are behind the competition for numbers. As an introductory offer they are offering their software for $4.99 per month for life through certified trainers. The software is normally $35 per month so this is a massive saving on the price and the offer ends on 30th June 2015. If you would like to know more about this offer please email me on or get in contact with Teresa who can pass on my details.

Ian McCallum
McCallum Partners