2023 Have A Scone In Scone Event: A Delicious Success!

November 10, 2023

Another successful year for the Have a scone in Scone festival with most cafes reporting they sold out of scones everyday! One café I visited had made 60 scones that day and were still baking!

And we know most people don’t just pop in and grab a scone – they have a coffee with their scone or lunch then a scone.

Thank you to all the cafes that took part and everyone who supported out local cafes and had a scone last week.


AND THE WINNER of the People’s Choice award

1st place – Asser House (for the second year in a row)

2nd place – RJ’s Café

3rd place – the Common

Judges Phil McGuirk and Lyn Tout (CWA) with Ivy, Stuart & young Grant of Asser House Cafe


The Great scone Bake off had over 35 entries this year which was a fantastic result.

CWA judge Trish Walker commended all the participants for having a go.

Its not always about how pretty they look but its all about the flavour!

Carolyn Carter, Trish Walker, Lyn Tout and Anne McPhee


Champion Exhibit went to Ya’el Noonan’s cheese scones

Ya’al Noonan with the CWA scone judges


Individual – Traditional

1st Place – Julie Brennan

2nd Place – Lyn Chard

3rd Place – Catherine Rendell

Julie Brennan


Individual – Cheese

1st Place – Ya’el Noonan


Individual – Date

1st Place – Victoria Kitanov

2nd Place – Lyn Chard

3rd Place – Julie Brennan

Victoria Kitanov


Individual – Pumpkin

1st Place – Julie Brennan


Individual – Open

1st Place – Helen Schlegel – Pumpkin & Sultana

2nd Place – Helen Schlegel – Date & Ginger

3rd Place – Owen McCosker

Helen Schlegel


Junior School – Traditional

1st Place – Hudson Cook

2nd Place – Addison Cook

3rd Place – Scone & District Pre-school

Hudson and Addison Cook


Junior School – Date

1st Place – Scone & District Pre-school


Junior School – Pumpkin

1st Place – Scone & District Pre-school


Business – Date

1st Place – Asser House


Business – Traditional

1st Place – Asser House

2nd Place – RJ’s café

3rd Place – Phoenix / Bent Prop cafes

RJ’s Cafe Scone

Simon Rodden Bent Prop & Phoenix cafe *


* Special mention to Phoenix / Bent Prop Café who entered every category.