Policies and Procedures


From time to time the Scone Chamber of Commerce & Industry conducts/takes part in business surveys, educational programs, the distribution of newsletters and e-letters, the compilation of business directories etc. Our Membership list is also available to financial members of the Chamber – another benefit of membership of the Scone Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Under the Privacy (Amendment) Act 2001, we are required to seek permission from our Members to use their business details in the Member Application Process and similar Chamber activities. Please indicate whether or not you are willing for your business details to be used for Scone Chamber of Commerce & Industry activities when applying for Membership.


The constitution of an incorporated association forms the structure within which the association operates. To assist associations to develop their constitution, NSW Fair Trading has prepared this model constitution, which covers the matters required by law.

Scone Chamber of Commerce Constitution 2017.


When applying for membership to the Scone Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Board reserves the right to deny any membership application.

When applying and paying for a membership, the Board will review all member applications for approval via a committee process. Confirmation of membership approval will be sent to the new member in a timely manner. If the membership application is not approved for any reason, the membership fee, if already paid, will be refunded within 30 days and the membership will be cancelled.

Yearly Membership Subscriptions (ongoing annual membership subscription): A continuous yearly fee applies for ongoing yearly memberships subscriptions. This fee will continue at the agreed periodic amount until membership is cancelled. When cancelled, the membership will continue until the end of the current payment cycle (end of the current 12-month subscription). At the end of the subscription period, a reminder that the membership fee is due to be deducted will be sent to subscribers one (1) week prior to fees being due. The member can choose to opt-out/cancel prior to the next yearly payment being made.

Non-Subscription Membership (1-year membership – 1 payment only):

A once-off fee applies for one-year memberships and is valid only for the current financial year. If cancelled, the membership will continue until the end of the financial year. A reminder email will be sent to renew membership at the commencement of the new financial year.

All memberships: 

A pro-rata system applies to the membership fee.

No refunds will be given for cancellations of membership.

Cancellation of membership will occur at the start of the next billing cycle.

Fees may be altered following the Board decision with notice.