Business Update – March 2020 Coronavirus

Chamber News
March 16, 2020

The evolving situation in relation to Covid-19 is of great concern on a personal and professional level to business in Scone. There are many things that we can control – there are seemingly more at this point that we can’t.

The Chamber will endeavour to keep abreast of the measures put in place to assist business in these difficult times. This needs to be considered in line with factual health information. The Chamber has included some links below to assist our members stay informed with those facts.

There is strength in the collective – its tough for everybody at the moment.

Business support in the form of information regarding obligations as an employer, regarding managing leave and the like is available on the Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors website. Similarly, Business Australia has a reasonably comprehensive resource available on their website.

We will remain focused on facts not assumptions or rumour, as that will only complicate matters. As such, we are leaving the public statements about Covid-19 to the government and health authorities. We are committed to supporting and circulating those authorised messages as best practice to limit the spread and impacts of the virus. Staying informed as to changing situations via these authorised information channels is the most appropriate method of understanding best practice. There is a lot of information around on social media which is at this stage unproven. We certainly do not want to misinform our community.

This latest development, coupled with a drought and the bypass means the trifecta we have happened upon on this occasion may not be something for which others will aspire.

Try to stay positive and if you need to reach out please use the Chamber network – we are all in this together.