We (still) LIVE Here

April 17, 2023

Does your business support and promote the ‘We LIVE Here’ shop local initiative?

With Mother’s Day approaching now is an excellent time to do a quick ‘health check’ on your participation in the program.

We LIVE Here is one of the most successful ‘buy local’ programs on record, having invested over $1,000,000 into local businesses since its inception, according to Jacqui Bakewell, of the Upper Hunter Shire Council’s Business Services Unit.

“More than $2000 was loaded onto the cards last month alone, which demonstrates that the program is still going strong,” she said.

The card was initiated by Upper Hunter Shire Council in late 2018 as the ideal way for charities to support our local farmers and others impacted by the severe drought.

The word ‘LIVE’ and raincloud images over a remote road were chosen to remind our community to hang in through the worst drought in living memory.

With Mother’s Day approaching it’s an excellent time to do a quick ‘health check’ on your participation in the program with these quick checks:

  • Does Your EFTPOS machine(s) still accept the cards? (If you have changed machines since initially activating, it will need activating again).
  • Do you have ‘We LIVE Here’ signs on your door, promoting that you accept the card (Or are they a little the worse for wear)?
  • Do you have a promotional sticker card close to your point of sale? (These remind shoppers to use their cards).

If you need promotional material, or a check of your activation please call Jacqui on 6540 1172 and she will call in to your business.