The Buttered Scone – Set To Take a New Direction

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April 28, 2021

After living and working in outback Australia among our first nations people as an anthropologist for many years, Jillian Lennon and her family of 3 adult children were ready for a new adventure. They all agreed it would be lovely to start a small family business where they could all work closely together, while also starting families of their own. When looking for where that business might be Scone looked to be the perfect place for both family, community and business. In 2018, The Buttered Scone was born. Located in the lovely building on the corner of St Auburns and Kelly since its inception, they have created a place which is warm and welcoming, with a very special focus on family.

The Buttered Scone has a distinctively friendly environment which the local community has come to love. When starting out, Jillian and her children were determined to create a place where the food and coffee are always good and where families and children always feel welcome. Even Jillian’s grandchildren have become as much a part of The Buttered Scone as the wonderful food, furnishings and staff; with children’s toys always available and breastfeeding openly welcome.

Only being a year into their new business venture before Covid19 hit The Buttered Scone, like many others, has struggled to combat the many diverse challenges of the pandemic. With determination, resilience, and the continued patronage and support from their customers and community, they have managed to get through.  Now that (they hope) the worst of the pandemic is behind them, The Buttered Scone is excited to commence a new chapter in its history.

We can confirm that The Buttered Scone is moving to a new location on Campbell’s Corner, in the shop frontage formerly know as The Nook. This business will be reopening in May with many favourites like scones, cakes and slices, as well as emphasis on a “grab and go” menu that will see a new twist on many old favourites. They will be open seven days a week, with extended hours on weekdays.

“We don’t have the same cooking facilities that were available in our old premises, so we’ll have an expanded range of toasties, gourmet sandwiches and wraps, tandoori burgers, soups, curries, casseroles and some new offerings such as pulled pork burgers and nachos to go.”

The owners and staff are sad to say goodbye to the old premises on the corner of St Auburns and Kelly. They say it’s a beautiful building that’s been lovingly and sympathetically restored by the owners, Mark and Jenny Heanley. If you’re looking for an historic building with good street exposure, the owners of The Buttered Scone highly recommend giving this building a look.

“It’s a delightful location,” said Jillian. “We loved being there but it’s time for us to move on and pivot our business. We’re excited about our new direction and look forward to seeing all of our lovely customers again, when we reopen.”

For information on the grand opening and new hours, go to the Facebook page of The Buttered Scone and click ‘like’. Otherwise, take a peek in the windows of the old Nook at Campbell’s Corner and follow their progress.


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