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Chamber News
June 2, 2020

Chamber Membership Fees have been reduced for the 2020/2021 Year from $135 to $99. Join Scone Chamber to take advantage of this special offer.

Interested in joining the Chamber for the first time? Apply here.

Current Members – invoices will be sent by the week beginning 8th June.

The Chamber understands there have been far too many external factors affecting local businesses this past year. We understand that at this time for many of you, Membership of the local Chamber may be down on the priority list. However, we hope to provide you with some good reasons to renew or join for the first time.

This year, Members of The Chamber Board have been pleased to represent you at both a local, state and federal level. Some of the other activities undertaken by Scone Chamber this year included:

  • Business Safety and Local Policing gathering at The Cottage
  • Convening regular Bypass Updates with Upper Hunter Shire Council
  • “Don’t Bypass Scone for your Christmas Shopping” promotion
  • Christmas drinks thanks to Rose & Partners and Hunter Valley Printing
  • “Open for Business” video directory during the Covid-19 disruptions
  • Regular Newsletters with factual and timely updates
  • A more proactive and contemporary approach to informing the Membership
  • Advocacy to federal, state and local government in relation to support for local businesses
  • Ongoing representation to UHSC on the Scone CBD Revitalisation, We Live Here Website and other support for local business as a result of the pandemic.

We look forward to more positive times ahead with the economy starting to get on its feet again.

As we look ahead to the rest of 2020 and the year beyond in 2021, we remain optimistic that our plans for the future of the Chamber can be realised. We will continue to work hard to promote Scone as a great place to work and invest. For this to be effective, we need your support by your decision to be a Member of the Chamber.

I look forward to you becoming involved with the Chamber so we can continue to be strong, committed and combined voice in the economic development of our region.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Guihot,

Scone Chamber President 2020

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